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Friday, April 20, 2012

Is it So...

This is a wonderful poem written by my good friend Al Hartman which he was kind enough to allow me to share with the readers of this blog.

Is It So...

Is it so, Thou hast forgiv'n
All my heart contrived amiss,
Hell denied, replaced by heav'n,
Is it so, I'm granted this?

     Is it so Thou'st borne for me
     Sentence more than I could bear,
     Taking my reproach and shame,
     Paved for me a drawing near?

Became Thou, LORD, the very sins
Which made the rift 'twixt Thou and me,
Crimes of my fathers, and that I'd done,
Ill deeds present and yet to be?

     Bore Thou, then, my sins' own curse,
     By cruel suff'ring on the tree,
     Damn'd by Father faithf'ly served,
     To the grave that 'waited me?

No tomb e'er could fast Thee hold,
For that damnation Thine was not,
But taken on for Father's sake,
And by it Thou His seed begot.

     The time was set before the world,
     Thy stay beneath the ground would be,
     Telling, thus, to earth and heav'ns
     Mercy and truth have met in Thee.

Yea, Thou wast raised and hast aris'n,
Conqu'ror o'er all death and hell,
Trump'ting grand redemption won,
And to death its final knell.

     Ascended now, and seated fair
     At Father's throne Thou dwell'st in wait
     Until Thy foes be all subdued
     And judgment fall before His gate.

Redeemer righteous, holy Thou,
How look you on this worm I am?
Seeing my vile heart and mind,
Turn Thou away, O spotless Lamb!

     What? Say'st there's no corruption now?
     No sin's vile stench and ugly stain?
     That Thou hast borne it all away,
     Until no remnants yet remain!

But, e'en so, I'm undone, my LORD,
Naked with no claim to lay.
What? Hast thou me with right'ness wrapped?
Clothed in Thy garb, Thou bidd'st me stay?

     O, wondrous grace! O, love sublime!
     O, mercy so unparalleled!
     That one so undeserving should
     Be thus embraced and thus be held.

When time has passed fore'er away,
And we His own the Great King know,
I shall with wonder e'er proclaim,
O yes, all creatures, it is so!

[by grace, through faith. al Hartman, April 19, 2012]

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